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Clocks as New Years Gifts Grandfather Clock Wall Clock Mantel Clock or

One of the most cherished and heart-warming gifts we have seen, with much emotion both from the gift-giver and gist recipient is a grandfather clock given as a wedding gift.  This is also true for grandfather clocks given as a present for a very special milestone wedding anniversary, sometimes from a spouse, and sometimes as a gift from the child or the grown children of a couple celebrating, say, a silver or golden or platinum wedding anniversary.

Clocks can also make a great gift for ringing in the New Year, and perhaps tied into a Christmas present (a little late in the season to be sharing that idea, we realize).  There is a wonderful symmetry in giving the gif of time as the New Year is rung in.  As the ball descends in Times Square ushering in 2010, so do a clocks chimes ring in the New Day every day, and keep old traditions alive.  One of the most appealing traits of clock ownership, both to collectors of antique clocks as well as people buying clocks for home decor purposes for interior design and interior decorating, is the continuity representing by clocks as they have been used for timekeeping, and as wonderful pieces of furniture to boot, for generations before.  Whther an heirloom clock or a new clock, the similarity of purpose and design is ever present.

When the New Year is approaching, how about gathering around a grandfather clock rather than gathering around a television set.  It would be a new approach for many, but perhaps familiar to those over, say, 70 years of age.  A chiming mantel clock or wall clock would be reminiscent of this celebratory approach as well.  Or how about merging the old with the new and using an atomic clock, and one would know with amazing precision when the old year has gone and the new year has arrived.

New Year’s is a time when many visit others, including close family and friends.  How about a clock as a great gift which would have special meaning, and remembered in an unusual and special context for years to come.

And remember, never ever drink and then set the clock’s time.

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