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Clocks Brighten Up a Home Office

There are many people in this day and age that have chosen to forgo the traditional working environment for a work from home environment. Aside from the reduced overhead – the reduction in money spent on gas and tolls, clothes, food, and the general wear and tear of commuting – there is the reduction of stress associated with going back and forth to work. Instead, because of the availability of the Internet and all the programs that it offers, we are able to simply logon from home – communicating with vendors, clients, and co-workers, and completing all of our projects with ease and convenience.

Working from home has offered a new reality to many people; and part of that reality is making an office space that is comfortable and functional for a successful work day. To this end, many people infuse their own sense of decorative style and personality into their home workspace. A home office – while functional – does not have to be a utilitarian space with no character and personality. It can instead be a reflection of the person who works there and certainly an extension of the overall home décor. In addition to furniture, flooring, and artwork, many people choose to add additional design elements such as clocks – pieces that can really define a space and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

There are a number of clocks that can work really well in a home office, including:

*A grandfather clock – or a grandmother clock for a smaller size piece – in a corner of a home office, adding grandeur and sophistication to the room.

*A wall clock on any of the free wall space in a home office, offering a pleasant focal point and a touch of melody.

*A mantel clock on a desk or a bookshelf. Choose a mantel clock within the same style of the overall room and pull the room to together with a cohesive palette.

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