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Clocks in Playrooms

There has been a trend in homes across the country; a trend wherein parents specify one room in their homes as the playroom – a place where kids can keep their toys, spread out and enjoy themselves. The dedicated playroom is a great way to give kids the freedom to play without restrictions, learn to clean up their toys, and still preserve the rest of the home. For those lucky enough to have an extra room – or bonus room – in their homes, the playroom does not infringe upon the plans for the rest of the home. But for most of us, we simply have to make a decision to convert one of the rooms in our home – a room that may already have a specific function – into a playroom, at least in the short term.

Creating a playroom in a room that is more a part of the flow of the home presents some challenges; namely creating a space that is dedicated for children but still somehow reflects the overall style of the home. Parents can achieve this, however, with careful planning and the introduction of small pieces that will be functional yet in line with the design of the home.

In achieving this, parents may consider:

* Wall color. Just because the room in question is a playroom doesn’t mean it has to be painted a glaringly bright color – especially if it is in the main part of the home. Instead use paint color that complements the rest of the home, with perhaps the addition of small details that set the room apart.

* Including pieces that are both functional and characteristic of the home. Wall clocks are a wonderful addition to a playroom, as they can be mounted on the wall away from tiny fingers, and they are a way to introduce time telling. Additionally, clocks can be found in a variety of styles and colors to relay the personality of the room without sacrificing the palette of the rest of the house.

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