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Clocks on a Wedding Registry

Preparing for a wedding is an exciting and wonderful time in any couple’s life, as they make arrangements for one of the biggest days that they will likely celebrate with family and friends. There are many customs associated with wedding preparation, not the least of which is the organization of a bridal shower during which the bride (and by extension, her soon to be husband) are showered with gifts with which to set up their new home together.

The tradition has become – in recent years – for the couple to register for gifts at their favorite stores, choosing those items that are in line with their taste and personality. Everything from china settings and bedding to serving pieces and towels are included on a bridal registry – used by those attending the bridal shower or the wedding so that they can purchase gifts the couple will most enjoy.

The store roster in which wedding registries are available is growing and more and more couples are beginning to include more unique pieces in their registry. Clocks – that which may have been purchased by a homeowner themselves or handed down within a family – are beginning to make their way onto bridal registries in recent years as well.

Clocks are one of the most often overlooked wedding gifts; but in actuality they make the perfect gift. And recognizing that they are likely not make the purchase themselves any time in the immediate future, couples are asking on their bridal registry for those clocks that they would love to include in their homes.

Everything from wall clocks and mantel clocks are found on modern bridal registries; as are grandfather and grandmother clocks – beautiful wedding gifts that are cherished for a lifetime.

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