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Clocks Whether Grandfather Clock Wall Clocks Are Excellent Holiday Gifts Personal or Business

Well, Thanksgiving has now come and gone, and the crazy mad rush shopping season has begun.  While most people are thinking about ipods, or plasma or HDTV televison sets, there are many businesses and individuals who are also looking to clocks as anything from corporate business gifts to prized possessions to be given as presents for weddings, anniversaries, important birthdays, from children to parents, and from parents to children, as cherished timeless keepsakes to be handed from generation to generation.  And of course, there are some who find a grandfather clock as the elusive perfect personal present for Christmas or Holiday gift giving for their spouse, for themselves, or other close relatives.

Not only grandfather clocks are becoming more common as heirloom gifts, but 1-800-4CLOCKS is also seeing an increase of gift giving by individuals and corporations with wall clocks, mantel clocks, novelty clocks, atomic clocks, and of course the gift for good corporate citizens and corporate customers or for corporate promotions of the marketing variety.

More choices and styles are also making doing your homework that much more important.  Clocks now feature more chimes than ever – you can hear the Westminster, Whittington, St Michaels, Schubert’s Ave Maria and Beethoven’s Ode to Joy Ode on the 1-800-4CLOCKS website for clocks that feature these chimes.  Other features such as volume control, lit cabinets, automatic night time chime shut-off option, and many more physical styles, including contemporary. modern, and old style, make clock shopping both more fun and more challenging than ever.  Also, without naming names, it is amazing the number of customers who come to 1-800-4CLOCKS after looking at clocks at many of the largest Retailers around the country, and can see the difference between a cheaply made clock, which 1-800-4CLOCKS attempts to carry none of, and one which is well-made.  The hallmark brands such as Howard Miller, Seth Thomas, Ridgeway Clocks, Hermle, Bulova, and Movado help ensure years of lasting quality and fine craftsmanship and materials.

As many of the higher-end clocks are increasingly being looked to as heirloom gifts, consumers and businesses are fortunate to have more GOOD choices than ever before.  Just be sure to look carefully before you leap.

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