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Clocks White House History Throughout Time

We have written on our Blogs about grandfather clocks in The White House over many years, including the Oval Office, and the President’s Private Office. The antique grandfather clocks have graced the White House for many generations over time.  If only the clocks could talk, what stories they would tell.

Less chronicled than the White House grandfather clocks, are the wall clocks and mantel clocks that also grace and have added to the decor of the USA’s most well known house for many generations.  We will very soon post a picture of this Wall Clock, known as a banjo clock, that currently hangs in the White House.

There are also mantel clocks, and one we will soon definitely show a picture of, is a ships clock set which include a clock and a barometer, and which we believe were most likely made by Chelsea Clocks.

STAY TUNED for some very exciting photos we will soon be sharing.

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  5. Marie Hancock January 17, 2010 at 1:46 am

    My family bought a grandfather clock from a nextdoor neighbor named “Ladue” back in the 1950’s. She said only two were made exactly like this one and its “twin” was in the White House. Mrs. Ladue was a very fine lady, French, I believe, who would not make up untrue statements. Is there a site which would have photos of all grandfather clocks in the White House?? In researching my clock, it appears to be Federal Style made in Reading, PA. I am aware that this is a fairly common clock. Just wanted to know how true this story is as it is interesting. Thank you.

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