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Count on Clocks for Affordable Accessories

As consumers we have seen the home-renovation trend essentially explode; there are television shows of every variety dedicated exclusively to making over a particular space in a home or even an entire home from floor to ceiling; there are books and magazines detailing the steps that homeowners can take to renovate their living space without spending a fortune. And so, as the diligent students that we are, we have taken the advice to heart and trained ourselves to look at things differently – to find the fantastic among the simple, to seek out those pieces that are inexpensive and pack a solid punch in terms of design.

So it’s not surprising that many homeowners are rediscovering the benefits of having clocks in their home. Sure, clocks are functional items used for generations to tell time. But in early American societies, clocks were handmade items that were not affordable for many households; and the households that were able to afford them cherished them accordingly. They were more than just ways to stay on top of the time of day, they were parts of the home of which homeowners were fiercely proud.

We may have clocks on our computer and our cell phones and every other conceivable electronic device on which we have come to rely so heavily. But if we remember the origins of the clock – the way that homeowners displayed clocks with such pride – we can better understand how clocks can transform a home. And today most homeowners are able to afford high quality, beautifully crafted clocks; there’s something for every budget. Forget the computer clock; look to the mantel clocks, wall clocks, and even grandfather clocks to infuse a home with a luxurious feeling without spending a mint.

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