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Custom Web Clocks for Your Website, Intranet, or Even Wallpaper

Some time ago on Clocks Blog, it was shared that 1-800-4CLOCKS would like to offer both standard and customized clocks, to individual and corporate customers. The potential advantages to customer are clear. But how much would you want one?

There are companies out there today that have approaches not dissimilar to what we have been planning for years, specifically and . Of course we will differentiate ourselves both in offerings and strategy.

Would you want to buy a customized web clock? For yourself? For your Company. We are currently planning to launch this effort on a new website at .

A flash clock will be added to the home page of the website, so individuals can see an example of what we are talking about.

Among the offerings we envision are real looking clocks that look real, and default to the set time on your personal computer’s stored time. We see also offering this with grandfather clocks, wall clocks, mantel clocks, atomic clocks, and much more. We are even thinking of starting a niche specialty site for grandfather clocks at

We would absolutely love and encourage feedback, including from anyone who would want to help turn this over time to the amazing opportunity that it is.

Please send us your thoughts on ClocksLive and GrandfatherClocksLive with any comments, suggestions, or recommendations. All clocks advice is appreciated. This will be just one more way each individual can Add Time to Your Life.

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