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Tis the Season for many joyous occasions, including discounts on grandfather clocks, wall clocks, mantle clocks and much more.  While plasma and high definition televisions may be high on the list of many people, as well as the latest iMacs, iPods, iPhones, we know that clocks, especially grandfather clocks, show up on peoples radar screens much of the time.

We are asked many times if we have coupons or coupon codes available for checkout from our website.  The short answer is that is not something we usually do.  The reason being that we strive to ALWAYS offer the lowest available price and to be one step ahead of our competition as much as reasonably possible.  We do not believe in grandfather clock discounts that “expire tonight at midnight” or other phony sales gimmicks.  We encourage any clocks customer who is at all unsure about the pros and cons of certain clocks, or has any questions, to call us at 1-800-4CLOCKS, and we always strive to share as much detail about our clocks offerings as we can, all the time.

So when Black Friday comes, while it will be as good as any other day shopping for grandfather clocks or mantle clocks or wall clocks, you might want to spend your time looking for the discount lures that are put out there by so many major retailers.  Come visit us or call us, and maybe you will be surprised, or maybe not.

We don’t believe in artificially raising prices, only so we can lower them the next day and offer steeper percent discounts.  1-800-4CLOCKS prides itself on being very approachable, and we are delighted to talk through the pros and cons of, say, cable driven grandfather clocks vs. chain driven grandfather clocks.  Quartz grandfather clocks too.  Even tubular chime grandfather clocks and what they have to offer. We are happy to discuss the different makers, including Howard Miller, Hermle, Ridgeway, Bulova, Kieninger and so many more.  We will even search for a particular clock, whether an antique grandfather clocks or an old bracket clock with nested bells.

We aim to be your one stop shop for all clock needs, both personal and professional.  Increasingly, corporate customers, governments, and other organizations including libraries and hospitals, and coming to us for special order clocks that can be customized to meet their promotional or environmental and decor needs.

We would like to do the same for you, in 2009 and for many years to come.

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