Don’t Discount Clocks in the Kitchen & Bathrooms, Part I

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Don’t Discount Clocks in the Kitchen & Bathrooms, Part I

In terms of redecorating a home, the kitchen and bathrooms are easily among the most tackled rooms in the home. This is for a number of reasons. For one, to be sure, we spend as much time in these rooms as we are likely to spend anywhere else in the home and it’s important for us to feel comfortable. Think of all those parties you have hosted during which you have set out food and drinks in the common areas of your home only to have your guests permanently rooted in your kitchen. It is the heart of the house and the place to which many people gravitate. The bathroom, of course, is often one of our only respites from the day – the place where we can actually be alone. We surely want this room to be as comfortable as possible and reflect all the things that are important to us.

Secondly, and just as important, is the fact that the upgrade of the kitchen and bathrooms in any home is likely to yield the most return on investment when the home is sold. These are the rooms to which potential buyers look to see how much work they will, in turn, have should they decide to purchase the home. And so, clearly, the renovations of these rooms can do wonders in terms of increasing the appeal and overall value of a home.

Once the structural and foundational work is done to these rooms – perhaps the tearing down or putting up of walls, the installation of cabinets and other fixtures, the laying down of flooring, the painting – it is time for the fun part – the decorating. This is where the infusion of your personality becomes really important in terms of making these rooms – and your home in general – something really special.

While clocks may not be the first things that jump to mind in terms of decorating a kitchen or bathroom, the truth is that they can be amazing – and affordable – accessories in making these rooms in your home come to life.

In the next post, we’ll discuss how clocks can be used to make these rooms really shine.

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