Don’t Discount Clocks in the Kitchen & Bathrooms, Part II

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Don’t Discount Clocks in the Kitchen & Bathrooms, Part II

In the last post, we talked about the significant impact the renovation of a kitchen or bathrooms can have in a home. There is, of course, the livability factor; making the kitchen and bathroom something comfortable and reflective of your personal style makes utilizing those rooms that much more enjoyable. And then, of course, there is the added bonus of the fact that the upgrade of these rooms can significantly increase the value of the home.

So those homeowners that have tackled these renovations know of the patience that is required during the construction phase. But once that is accomplished it’s time to get down to business in terms of decorating these important rooms.

We talked about clocks being something that most people would not consider in either of these two rooms. But that is precisely what makes clocks so appealing in this regard. Well chosen clocks can have a visual impact in a kitchen or a bathroom and bring the décor to life right on the spot. Consider:

*Wall clocks in a kitchen. When most people think of wall clocks they think of the traditionally styled pendulum clocks that often make their home in living rooms and family rooms. But round faced wall clocks are often the perfect way to spice up the décor in a kitchen; think funky wall art along with classic functionality.

*Mantel clocks in a bathroom. There’s never enough space in any bathroom – even one that has been remodeled. So most of us struggle with ways to elevate the décor without taking up floor or counter space. Mantel clocks add a great punch of style and can fit nicely on a countertop or wall shelving without overwhelming the space.

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