For the Love of Clocks, Part II

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For the Love of Clocks, Part II

In the last post, I related my history with clocks; how clocks had always played an integral part of my childhood experience when it came to home decoration. Clocks were all over my childhood home, as well as the home of my grandparents; grandfather clocks, mantel clocks, atomic clocks, wall clocks, and so forth.

But when it came to decorating my own adult home, I forgot momentarily about the clocks of my past (they had so seamlessly fit into the décor that I almost didn’t take notice of the fact that they were there) and began to build my décor around other pieces such as furniture, paint colors, flooring, and other decorative items that appealed to me. However, when I came to what I thought to be the end of the decorative process, I found that there was still much to be desired in terms of the final result. What I eventually came to recognize is that the absence of clocks of any kind made my home “less than” in terms of achieving my goals. And so I set out to find clocks that would honor the home of my childhood and give me the same sort of warmth in my décor that I had found there.

Luckily, with the help of the Internet I was able to have access to some of the most beautifully crafted clocks of their kind. I found a website that sold clocks of all types and styles – everything from mantel clocks and wall clocks to atomic clocks and grandfather clocks.

I was able to find and purchase clocks that would fit well in every room of my home and within the budget that I had set forth. With beautiful mantel clocks on my living room bookshelves, a stunning traditional wall clock in my family room, a grandfather clock in my entrance, and a number of interesting atomic clocks throughout the other rooms in my home, I was able to fill in the missing pieces in terms of décor and give my home the sparkle it deserved.

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