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How many grandfather clocks do you know that have actually had a post card sent to them?  Well, we came across one recently, and as grandfather clock  and grandmother clock enthusiasts, we were quite touched.  Take a look at the grandfather clocks postcard below and let us know what you think:

PostCard to a Grandfather Clock

PostCard to a Grandfather Clock

This grandfather clocks post card reads as follows:

To my Old Friend

Of all the friends to whom I send

A merry greeting rhyme,

There’s none so dear as one good friend,

Who’s stood the test of time.

Now, be honest about what you think this time, is this actually a post card someone sent to a cherished grandfather clock?  It does after all include a sketch of a grandfather clock on the left.  But perhaps it is using an analogy of friendship and relationships standing the test of time, and being all the more meaningful for that reason.  Grandfather clocks to us provide that same sense of continuity in life that while not a friendship per se, is reminiscent of having a reliable partner on whom one can count through generations and who can withstand the test and times of time.

Many individual both purchase and treasure grandfather clocks and floor clocks to have as an heirloom which can be handed down through generations.  It can add a sense of continuity in life, and even a semblance of the feeling of control over time and the passage of time itself.  It is one of the things that drives many collectors to gravitate toward collecting timepieces, including wall clocks, pocket watches, and mantle clocks.

We think this grandfather clock post card says it all pretty well, for most any occasion.

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