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Grandfather Clock Strikes Thirteen

At Clocks Blog and Grandfather Clocks Blog, we aim not only to cover the basics of all aspects of grandfather clocks, such as comparison shopping, grandfather clock discounts and where and how to find grandfather clocks on sale, but we also look to aim at the history of wall clocks, mantel clocks and grandfather clocks, among other timepieces, to see how they fit in to the fabric of our life and in societies not only in the USA but globally.

As many of our regular readers know, our “roots” are in antiques, having aggressively serviced and sold antique grandfather clocks, antique wall clocks, antique mantel clocks, old pocket watches, some amazing antique sundials, and even antique hourglasses or sand timers.

OK, so now back to clocks and the fabric of our society, and two perhaps unusual pop and general culture references to clocks in today’s society.  One is a VERY old joke, that was told recently at a dinner table by the father passing along an “old joke” to his six year old twins.  The Dad asked his kids what time is it when the clock strikes 13?  The kids, after thinking in earnest for a few moments and perhaps understandably coming up empty, answered their Father with “What”.  “Time to buy a new clock” was the reply I believe all the adults at the dinner.  While the kids didn’t say much or, as they say today, even LOL, there seemed to be a respectful nod.

Now for a 180 degree turn and a completely different use of the clock metaphor, which the author of this post found fascinating.  What if someone, say under oath on the witness stand in a Courtroom said the “clock struck 13”.  Well, it can likely be proven beyond any reasonable doubt that this witness was not telling the truth.  So here’s the relevant and I think quite interesting takeaway.  Does the fact that the witness said yes the clock did strike 13, and it was checked out mechanically and “proven” beyond any reasonable doubt that this would be impossible – does this mean that this witness has basically lost all his or her credibility?  On all testimony?  Only testimony about grandfather clocks and mantle clocks and wall clocks?  Or also testimony on events and timelines and as a witness in general.

I would argue, and not only because we are talking about clocks, that almost anything this witness says now cannot be believed beyond any reasonable doubt!  Not too much different from saying one has witnessed a purple dinosaur with pink spots.  Do you agree?  Sincere responses, whether a lover of grandfather clocks to miniature clocks or not, are all greatly appreciated.

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