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GrandfatherClocks for Sale? We are all used to seeing For Sale signs for just about everything, including Grandfather Clocks.  But how one presents the item for sale, whether it is a house, an apartment for sale, an automobile, or one of any of a number of homer decor or interior decoration items, how it is presented is critical.

Does seeing GrandfatherClocks for Sale make you focus more on the selling proposition than seeing Grandfather Clocks for Sale? It may sound like a silly wordsmith distinction, but timepiece companies as well as almost all corporations selling to consumers and businesses spend a lot of time and money getting the words just right, whether they are selling on line in in bricks and mortar stores or even catalogs.

How about GrandfatherClock for sale vs. Grandfather Clock for Sale.

What about GrandmotherClocks for Sale in place of Grandmother Clocks for Sale.

Or what about FloorClocks for Sale instead of Floor Clocks for Sale.

Or what about HallClocks in place of Hall Clocks.

I myself have always had trouble distinguishing between tallcase clocks and tall case clocks, as well as longcase clocks and long case clocks – but that is based more on a cultural divide between British and American linguistics.

On these seemingly nonsensical distinctions, cottage industries are built on finding the best terminology that can in fact make a big difference in investment decisions and advertising.  If this all seems a bit nonsensical to you, it does as well to us. But believe it or not, we need to factor stuff like this into our advertising and public relations strategy time and time again.

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