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Great Clocks – Great Convenience, Part I

There are few of us who can even remember what life was before the Internet. I know that I, for one, have many younger nieces and nephews that are unaware that such a life existed, as they have always pointed and clicked for what they have wanted. I also know that there are many, many times during the week when I will find myself pondering a question – large or small – and know that I can simply logon for instant answers. I am old enough, however, that each and every time that I do this I think to myself, “How did anyone live without this?”

It’s true that the Internet has provided us with unbelievable convenience in nearly all areas of our life. From banking and shopping to research and education – everything is right there at our fingertips when it comes to the Internet.

More than anything, as the popularity of shopping online has exploded, vendors have really stepped up their game in terms of making sure that they are providing high quality products at all times. Shopping online is not an alternative scenario in many cases; it is the first place shoppers go. And the savvy and sophisticated shoppers of the modern world expect great products and great prices when they get there.

Recently I was in need of a wall clock. We have recently redecorated our family room and I was looking for something really special to hang above the fireplace. I decided a wall clock would be the perfect fit and I started looking through the yellow pages (remember those?) to find a retailer in my area that had really high quality clocks. You can imagine the look this garnered from the teenager in the house.

In next post, I’ll share how I found the wall clock I so wanted…

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