How Barbara Corcoran Broke her Smartphone Addiction

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How Barbara Corcoran Broke her Smartphone Addiction

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How Barbara Corcoran Broke her Smartphone Addiction


F. Martin Ramin/The Wall Street Journal (trowel); Getty Images (Post-its)

Sometimes I dress like a total bum to disguise myself. I wear a white T-shirt and a pair of Athleta capris that I must’ve had for 12 years. They’re so worn they’re almost see-through and probably not even modest anymore. But they are so comfortable. It really makes a difference in how people receive me if I don’t have makeup on and I’m dressed like a bum. The minute I put on mascara or eyeliner, everybody asks for a selfie.

I always travel with my Theragun G2Pro massager. I’m actually surprised that it gets through airport security because it must be about 14 inches long and looks exactly like a drill. The other night I couldn’t get any rest because I was antsy. What got me to sleep was hammering out my neck, my shoulders and my legs. It took two minutes and I was out like a baby.

You know when you have a knife that feels great in your hand? My Fiskars Big Grip Hand Trowel feels like that. It has a good sharp point that can dig through anything and I just love it. Most of my very fancy friends have high-priced therapists. I have a garden.

I just bought a brand new yellow bike, a Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser. I ride around the loop in Central Park early in the morning. The minute you get on a bike, you’re a kid again. You can’t be worried on a bike. You’re carefree. It’s a perfect way to start the day.

I bought a tiny Braun alarm clock for next to my bed that has allowed me to keep my phone out of the room. I always used the alarm on my phone to wake up—then I’d see one little text and suddenly I’m stuck doing one more thing. Now my phone’s just not there. That Braun electric clock freed me.

When I give a dinner party, I invite friends an hour early and I cover my refrigerator with Post-Its that say things like: Set the table, arrange the flowers, light candles, warm the zucchini. Everybody walks in and asks, “How can I help?” Pick a Post-It! It’s a great way to start the evening—as long as you’re serving wine.

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