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Interesting Clocks for Interesting Rooms

There are those rooms that take on a life of their own; rooms that may have taken on a role for which they were not initially intended. I call my room “garage room” and it was obviously intended as a garage space as its name implies. That’s the way it was constructed anyway – to house a car or two and provide the necessary storage for the things that people typically store in the garage. But this was not adequate for my needs as my house was small and was in desperate need of a little more living space. I thought – why waste extra space on a car when it could be another room in which to hang out? And that is how my garage became “garage room.”

Out of this room came the tools and car related paraphernalia and much construction ensued. Vents for heating and air conditioning were added to the room, the door was removed so that it became simply another room in the house, walls were added, and flooring installed. When complete, walls were painted and into the room went furniture, shelving, and area rugs. What the room became, essentially, was a rec room of sorts; a place where the family was just as likely to play a game as they were to watch a show or serve appetizers to guests. The final product indeed confirmed for me that the garage – for us anyway – was a waste of space and that this room was the best use of what we had.

Decorating such a room was an interesting endeavor as it sort of has an interesting look to it. Because of what it was intended to be, the room is quite long and has a significant amount of wall space. I wondered what I could do on the walls to create an interesting display. And what I found were clocks.

While hunting online for some decorating ideas for my room, I came across this great clock website that features hundreds of clocks of all kinds. I was able to purchase a variety of wall clocks to fill what would normally be an awkward space on the wall and do so with style! My clock display really finished off the room and – best of all – it created something of interest that always sparks conversation!

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