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Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Turn Back Time and the Clocks

OK, so I think I am an expert on clocks and time. I advise people in Companies on how to adapt their time systems to changes in Daylight Savings Time, and it has even become slightly complicated, perhaps even requiring a so-called expert, or so I might have called myself before today. A good chunk of the last week was devoted to the History of Daylight Savings Time, helping our corporate and individual customers know what to expect and why, and how it might even affect their own networks and employee time tracking system. Even owners of grandfather clocks wanted advice. We shared that these most recent changes came about as a result of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 signed by President George W Bush. We pointed to some of the unanticipated problems that occurred last week and that might be expected to happen this weekend. And how it could extend to every timekeeping gagdet of the numerous variety that exist in today’s world.

We even addressed energy savings, worker productivity, and even had the opportunity to put in a common public safety plug recommending battery changes to smoke detectors with each of the 2 changes in daylight savings time each year. Motherhood and apple pie.

We knew and spoke of software companies that were busily at work sending out last minute patches.

Well, talk about the emperor having no clothes, or in this case no clock or no telephone either. My telephone-pda-internet connection all-in-one-device, my umbilical chord to the working world at large, would not even turn on today. And guess what, the patch that was sent and had been applied didn’t help one iota! No time, no email, no internet connection, no nothing!

So much for good planning. My carrier-supplier shall remain nameless. Perhaps I’ll have better luck next time! If this does happen again, 1-800-4CLOCKS may feel compelled to name names. But I think because of the extra hour of sleep I got, I am feeling a little more relaxed and in a better frame of mind.

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