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I am a picky person. I would say finicky actually but my friends will say that I am straight up picky; that nothing really satisfies me and that it has to be just the right thing for me to really like something. I guess I agree with them; especially when it comes to decorating my house. I am ultra choosy about what goes in the rooms in my home; what furniture I pick, what artwork I display, what decorative accessories are used throughout my home.

So when I began the renovation on my living room my friends all knew it was going to be quite the long journey. I have never really understood the need for a formal living room; it seems as though they are the least used rooms in any home. After all, how many of us are hosting formal gatherings in our homes anymore? Wouldn’t we all just rather have another room in our home where we can put our feet up and get comfortable?

So that is the reason that I decided to convert my formal living room into something much more interesting and far more comfortable – a library. I lined the room with shelves where I put all of my favorite books, as well as classics, and those books I had yet to read. I filled the room with overstuffed chairs, reading lamps, ottomans where you could put your feet up, and interesting knick-knacks that I thought gave the room character.

As a gift my friends pitched in and got me this amazing mantel clock that sits right on my bookshelf. We were all surprised – none more than they were – that I liked it so much. But through this amazing websites of clocks they were able to identify those clocks that would be likely to appeal most to me. And they hit the nail on the head with this great mantel clock!

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