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The first tubular chime grandfather clock I purchased was a custom clock made for Tiffany & Company, and had been special ordered by the daughter of the founder of Coca Cola around 1895. This incredible 9 Tubes Moonphase Triple Chime masterpiece was one of the relatively few grandfather clocks made by the Waltham Watch Company (also known as The American Waltham Watch Company), the first American Watchmaker. Tiffany had the movements made for most of all of its clocks, and pocket watches too, by third parties, and were made in small lots or for special order as in this case. The clock has a choice of Westmister, Whittington, and St. Michael’s Chimes, and is still in near-mint shape. The clock stood for many years in the lobby of the Biltmore Hotel in Atlanta, where the owner (of both the clock and the Hotel) resided. After her death, she bequeathed it to a Church in Florida, which owned in for 35 plus years, until for whatever reason they decided to offer it for sale at auction. I was the lucky high bidder, and never thought I would own such an amazing grandfather clock at such a relatively young age. Furthermore, it is highly unusual to own a grandfather clock like this one, where the provenance is so clearly established and documented.

When I hear the tubular chimes on the Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks with tubular chimes, as well as the tubular chime assortment of Kieninger Grandfather Clocks and those of Hermle Grandfather Clock company, it is absolutely reminiscent and similar sounding to this first tubular chime grandfather clock in my collection.

Tiffany Tubular Chime Grandfather Clock

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