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One Clock at a Time, Part I

I have culled any knowledge that I have about decorating (which is fairly little I am humbled to report) from the many hours of home decorating television shows that I have become addicted to over the years. If there is a show about cleaning up, cleaning out, revamping, and remodeling I am there with mental notebook at the ready. And, ultimately, what I think the best piece of understanding that I have garnered is that there is no rush when it comes to creating a home design that works for your style and your budget.

In the past I was always that person who – upon finding that great apartment, and later that great house – would immediately fill it with “stuff” because empty scared me. It didn’t matter that it was not the stuff that held any sort of appeal to me – aesthetic or otherwise; I didn’t have the money for what I really wanted so I just found the things that were in my budget and would suffice for the “time being.” I didn’t realize, of course, how long that time would stretch.

What I learned from decorating shows is to never bring anything into my home that I don’t truly love. And if I need to wait for that item to become available or affordable then so be it; the wait is most assuredly better than the filling of space with items that ultimately don’t fit the bill. A few good pieces are almost always better than many pieces that are “less than” in terms of quality and, more importantly, likeability.

So ultimately I found what I really loved and I set to work finding these pieces at affordable prices; something that really and truly paid off with regard to the warmth and comfort of my home. Clocks, for instance, have always been a great love of mine although more in the observational sense. I just never understood how I could best incorporate clocks into my home design. Until, of course, I found the best of the best in terms of shopping online. More on me finding the door to all things clocks in the next post…

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