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One Clock at a Time, Part II

Surely I am no different than a great number of people out there that do their best to decorate their homes within their budget. But as I related in my last post, I had fallen into a bad pattern of simply filling my home with things for which I really had no deep and abiding love; they were just things that I could afford and that I thought would hold me over in terms of decorating until I could ultimately fit what I wanted into my budget.

But as I recounted, I have learned through a love of home design shows that it is far better to pick up a few well loved pieces than to fill a home with lesser quality things that have no emotional value to the person living there. This does not mean that every piece in a home has to have a sentimental attachment; it means that in order for a home design to really come together you must really love the pieces with which you surround yourself. Which is how I found my way to clocks.

I always loved clocks from afar but I didn’t really understand how they would work in my home. I guess I always had it in my head that clocks were of traditional design in most cases; a design that I could appreciate but that wouldn’t necessarily fit with my own home décor.

But recently I found this amazing website that has opened to me the world of clocks. There I have found clocks of every style and design – from traditional to modern, in styles and materials that appeal to my own sense of decorating and that have worked unbelievably well in pulling my home décor together. From the mantel clock I have in my family room to my favorite purchase of the year – a beautiful grandfather clock – I have found pieces that I truly love!

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