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Please don’t eat the clocks – grandfather, mantle or wall clocks

Well, we had thought we had heard just about everything!  But just when we think it’s safe to say we have heard everything, well, you know how it goes.  Kind of like just when you think it’s safe to go back in the water.  We never learn.  Or at least the entertainment industry has a vested interest in wanting us to believe that.

This one you have to hear.  A man called from a small town in one of the more populated States in the USA.  This man was not only the Mayor of his town, but he is also the Undertaker, and apparently the only one in town (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Well, he informed us that he needed to order a new clock because a goat had eaten his prized mantel clock.  At first I thought he was joking.   Seriously!  He was not joking.  Apparently, neither the case nor the movement were in any form where any reasonable part of the clock could be salvaged.  And this was an antique Tiffany & Company mantel clock that was a featured and prized possession at his funeral home.  Somehow the goat, which belonged to him, got in the mortuary after hours.  Fortunately the grandfather clock was spared!

We had several email exchanges after our initial phone calls and before he placed his new order.  I believe him.  I really do this time!  Am I crazy? (based on the facts as presented here – no others need to chime in here).  Have you eever heard of anytghing like this ever happening before?

We get many calls from distraught owners of treasured clocks and pocket watches that have been lost in fires and floods.  After Hurricane Katrina, we must have assisted well over 50 families, at no cost to them, to help them document their losses to their insurance company to maximize the chances of replacement value recovery wherever possible.  They were mostly all grandfather clocks.

OK, fire and floods.

Goats eating your clock?  Reminds me of the old excuse used by many kids that the dog ate their homework, or one of its many variations.

What do you think.  We really would like to know!

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