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Truly creative home décor is about thinking above and beyond the parameters of conventional thinking; of finding a way to make something old into something new again, to use resources in an untraditional way, to arrange furniture differently, to identify unusual colors of paint, to mix and match textures; all in all, to think differently and consider the unexpected.

Most of us grew up in conventional homes in which formal living room furniture – often underutilized if ever used at all – was arranged the same from home to home and in which artwork was limited to those scenic landscapes available at the local home goods store. Today, we are much more invested in letting our personality speak for itself in terms of our home’s décor and the results can be spectacular.

While we may still choose to hang what is considered to be conventional artwork, there are other things that we can do to make use of objects that may not otherwise be considered art, including:

• Taking a beloved photograph and turning it into a photo canvas. Hang it above a sofa in a family room or in a long hallway.

• Spotlighting a lovely piece of antique china in a dining room. Several pieces along a wall would be quite beautiful as would one piece in a china cabinet.

• Making a shelf of antique kitchen tools in a kitchen area. You can easily create a farmhouse styled shelf and then fill it with rustic tools from kitchens long past.

• Using different types of clocks as display pieces including a mantel clock with a single pendant light above it on a fireplace mantel; a wall clock hung under a muted spotlight in a cozy library; or a well lit grandfather clock in a study or family reading area. Clocks are a wonderful way in which to create new “art.”

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