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Safety, Fun, and Clocks at the Pool this Memorial Day

With the Memorial Day holiday fast approaching we are also simultaneously welcoming the unofficial beginning of summer. For as long as most of us can remember, Memorial Day marks the opening of beach towns and the beginning of the summer season ahead, the coming of the end of another school year, and the opening of community and backyard pools. For those who are opening a new pool this year – having installed an above ground or in ground pool over the previous seasons – there is much to get ready in order to ensure that the pool is in the best shape possible for family and friends this summer season:

* Safety is of the top most concern when it comes to opening a pool, backyard or otherwise. For those who have installed a pool in their backyard, this is especially true, as you are responsible for those who swim there. Install a safety fence around the pool to keep small children safe and never allow children to swim alone. Encourage guests to walk around the pool perimeters rather than run, and institute a “no diving” policy to avoid any problems.

* Be sure that the pool has been treated with the appropriate level of chemicals and that filters are operating effectively. Clear the pool of any debris before swimmers take the plunge. Consider getting an automatic pool vacuum for easy clean-ups.

* Of course pool owners should be sure to have plenty of fun activities to use in the pool – beach balls, volleyball net, and floating toys are all fun ways to make use of this backyard addition.

* Just because a pool is out back doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be treated like the rest of the home. In the effort to make the backyard area somewhere comfortable for friends and family, take the time to outfit it properly. Clocks are wonderful ways to add an interesting design element to the backyard area while also providing a necessary function. There are wall clocks designed just for outdoor use that can be hung in an outdoor gathering spot where pool-goers can clearly see the time. Whether you choose a contemporary wall clock or a more traditional type of design, a clock will always be at home in a backyard area.

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