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Set Sail This Summer with Clocks

As summer fast approaches, there are many among us who will head to the water and set sail on our boats. Sailing, it will be noted by anyone who is an enthusiast, is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy the summer months. For those lucky enough to own their own sailboat, the boat itself becomes a bit of a de facto home during the summer months; a place to go where the cares of the world melt away and where the focus simply becomes enjoying the water.

Because such boats are essentially our homes for several months, owners very often make efforts to make the boat as warm and homey as possible; to decorate it as an extension of their primary residence or to decorate it a style that they would never have the courage to try at home. Whatever the décor that is chosen for a boat, the end result is that the space should rise up to meet you when you arrive, should reflect your personal style, and make you feel, more than anything, comfortable and energized.

There are many methods by which boat owners choose to outfit their boats. From linens and bed coverings to dishware that is both attractive and boat safe – there are many elements that can be used to distinguish the décor of a boat and make it as though you are stepping into the owner’s home, rather than a characterless, generic boat. Wall space is limited on a boat but one of the elements that can fit quite nicely is wall clocks. While clocks are generally meant for home décor, this is exactly the reason why they work so well on a boat; they are a piece of home and an easy way to infuse style into a space.

Because clocks set atop surfaces are out of the question for a moving boat, wall clocks offer the perfect décor as they can be solidly mounted into the wall in a bedroom cabin or in a common area where they can create an interesting focal point.

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