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Smaller Clocks Make Space for Big Design

There are many of us who have big ideas when it comes to home design. But unfortunately, our actual physical space leaves little to be desired in terms of having the room to realize these dreams. Those with smaller spaces, therefore, must adapt their style ideas so that they can take up residence in the actual space in which they live. Luckily, as more and more people pare down their living arrangements in the face of a struggling economy, they are learning what city dwellers have always known – style comes in any size; you only need to be creative to create something chic and comfortable.

Subsequently, those who live in smaller properties learn to select pieces that serve dual purposes, such as furniture that also acts as storage. Examples of this may include elevated beds with storage underneath, benches for dining that have storage within, and hollow ottomans where you can store extra blankets or DVDs.

Additionally, those in smaller spaces learn quickly to reduce the use of floor space by using available wall space for décor and storage. Shelving is very popular in this regard – keeping things off the floor and allowing for adequate storage.

Decorative pieces must be compact enough to fit within this smaller space but visually impactful enough to yield more bang for their buck. Subsequently, wall clocks are especially effective in this capacity; they can be purchased in a variety of styles helping to set the tone in the room – and home at large – but not take up too much space.

Mantel clocks – in everything from traditional to antique inspired styles – are small and portable and can be used in a variety of locations throughout the home; keeping designs big but their physical footprint small.

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