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Solar Clocks Pet Clocks Personalized Voice Clocks – you choose

We are always seeking feedback from our customers on how we can improve the grandfather clocks and other clocks we offer, as well as input on adding new ones.

We had ventured into the Pet Clocks niche, which we are still pursuing, albeit with fewer resources than we had originally planned.  We read today about a prototype in the works for a 100% solar-powered plane that could fly non-stop (except for maintenance) day and night with no other power source.  Quite exciting.  It will have the wingspan of a commercial jet and yet otherwise look a lot like a helicopter without the rotary blades atop.  If this can be done, surely we can make or find some solar clocks that are better than the ones we, at least, have seen on the market to date.  We want to be more green too!

What about a clock that could talk to you in your own voice, or that of a loved one (or hated or feared one), as your way of waking up in the morning.  Or one with a customized chime?  Would you be willing to pay a lot more for a super-high-quality sound you might want to showcase in your own home?

One area we definitely will be beefing up in the near term is for clocks for the visually impaired or those with hearing problems.  We will likely be adding phones as well, as well of course and very large numeral clocks, in the near future.  One manufacturer promised us their clocks could “wake the dead”.  We can guarantee you that we will be making no such claims.  Yet the range of offerings, from alarm clocks which shake the bed to one which also has a line go on and off and on and off, will be quite impressive.  With the phones, we will likely be offering services or features which are somewhat similar to the First Alert (I’ve fallen and I can’t get up) system which has been on the market for many years.

Stay tuned for some exciting additions.

AND please do let us know WHAT YOU WANT.  We know grandfather clocks are the greatest.  we just want to make sure we meet as many of our customer needs as reasonably possible.

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