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December 2010

Grandfather Clocks Exhibit

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The history of grandfather clocks is as fascinating as it is diverse.  The grandfather clock, first introduced in circa 1630-1650 depending upon how exactly one defines the birth of the grandfather clock, evolved differently in different countries, and have the craftsmanship, expertise, creativity, and environmental factors and ingenuity all play into how these freestanding floor clocks [...]

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March 2010

Gasoline Powered Alarm Clocks – Really?

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Have you ever heard about a gasoline powered alarm clock?  What about gasoline powered grandfather clocks with the Energy Star seal of approval from the US Government. Well, throughout history, as the saying goes, truth can be stranger than fiction.  Unbelievably, the USA Government's Energy Department's system for qualifying for the EnergyStar Seal of approval for [...]

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October 2009

Clocks Story

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Earlier today, I was reading a highly regarded periodical which happened to address the subject of the future of the laptop, pc, Mac, Netbooks, and handhelds in general, and the perception of an inevitable march towards a continuous convergence to handheld devices for all of ones communication and computing needs. Not that this is a radical [...]

September 2009

If Grandfather Clocks or Wall Clocks could talk

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Remember the movies which have an older and eerie painting of a person with eyes that seem to follow you across and around the room?  I remember many such movies and television shows over the years.  Mystery novels too, and even if I recall correctly, in Disneyworld and Disneyland.  Some times there are actual characters watching [...]