February 2011

Mantel Clocks with Chimes

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When deciding whether to purchase any kind of clock, whether a mantle clock, a grandfather clock, or a wall clock, the question of whether to get a time only clock, or ones with chimes, always looks large. One option is to get a time only mantel clock, with no chimes or gongs.  Another option is to [...]

March 2010

Mantle Clocks and Mantel Clocks

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When shopping for grandfather clocks, one needs to keep in mind the alternate terminology for grandfather clock, such as floor clocks, longcase clocks, tall-case clocks, grandmother clocks, and, yes, sometimes even hall clocks. So perhaps it is not too surprising that when talking about table clocks or desktop clocks or shelf clocks, all of which can [...]

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April 2009

Clocks White House History Throughout Time

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We have written on our Blogs about grandfather clocks in The White House over many years, including the Oval Office, and the President's Private Office. The antique grandfather clocks have graced the White House for many generations over time.  If only the clocks could talk, what stories they would tell. Less chronicled than the White House [...]