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Take Clocks to the Next Level of Décor

There are those things decoratively speaking that we turn to without giving them too much thought; those tried and true pieces of décor that we know will work for us in whatever room in the home that we want to put them. Clocks have long been the answer to many of our decorative questions and because they are so affordable and quite portable they are more than easy to use in a variety of circumstances. But because they are so tried, true, and reliable, clocks tend to be used in the most traditional of ways. We purchase traditionally styled clocks, sit mantel clocks on the mantels atop fireplaces, and hang wall clocks in exactly the spots that would be expected of us.

But the truth is that the true test of the ability of the clock in any capacity is just how versatile they can be in a variety of rooms and in a variety of circumstances. Consider the following:

* Mantel clocks are portable and can be placed anywhere – not just on a mantel. Consider using mantel clocks in bedrooms, on countertops in kitchens, on shelves in a library or office, and in a variety of other places that need a little something extra.

* Think creatively when it comes to placing wall clocks. It is not absolutely necessary to hang wall clocks in an entryway or in a family room (some of the more common areas for hanging wall clocks). Think outside the box and place your wall clock in a more interesting area of the home – a place where it wouldn’t normally be expected.

* Traditional is great but not mandatory. The beauty of the modern clockmaker is that they have found a way to deliver the same high quality they have provided for generations and to do so in a way that still caters to the modern taste. There are a multitude of clocks that are more contemporary in design and even make use of some unusual materials.

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