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When my son was very little he called clocks “tick tocks.” I’m sure this is nothing new for babies and toddlers that are just learning to speak and identifying the names of those objects that are around them on a daily basis, but being the completely biased mother than I am I thought it was just about the cutest thing I had ever heard. In fact, I kept a steady supply of clocks on hand in our house just so I could hear him call them tick tocks.

My son is thirty now and has just moved into his very first house with his wife and son. I was struggling with an idea of what to get them for a housewarming gift when I remembered my son’s penchant for clocks as a small child; the tick tocks that were everywhere in our house.

And so, as a housewarming gift that is meant for practical, decorative, and sentimental reasons I bought my son and his wife a mantel clock to go above their fireplace. They have the most gorgeous fireplace in their new home that is surrounded in stone. The mantel is carved from this distressed wood that makes for this beautiful, log cabin feel; it’s absolutely lovely. The mantel clock that I chose is rather traditional with simple lines and beautiful light wood. I could just see it sitting on their mantel when I purchased it online (the easiest shopping excursion I’ve ever had!)

My son and daughter-in-law were delighted with the mantel clock and my son remembered fondly his love for clocks when he was small. We’re now teaching his son to say tick tock when he looks at the mantel clock; something that will always make me smile.

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