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Traditional vs. Modern Clocks, Part I

I have two friends who are just about as different as two people can be. One has a very modern style and likes contemporary designs, bold colors, and just about anything that would be considered “out of bounds” by traditionalists; the other is all about tradition, enjoys things – from furniture to clothes – that are considered “classics,” and follows a neutral palette when it comes to color. But one thing that they both love is clocks; from wall clocks to mantel clocks, clocks of all kinds can be found throughout both of their homes, used in a variety of interesting ways.

What is the most interesting about this, of course, are the types of clocks that they have each chosen. My modern friend has been able to find – online- the types of clocks that appeal to her personality and sense of style. A snapshot of her house includes:

*A funky round faced wall clock in her kitchen with bold colors and interesting artwork emblazoned on the face.

* Another fun wall clock in her dining room that looks like a clock tower you may find on the streets of Paris.

* A variety of interesting mantel clocks in her family room – from the sleek and contemporary mantel clock above her fireplace to the myriad of eclectic mantel clocks found on her bookshelves.

*An atomic clock that is just her style that sits on her bedroom nightstand; it is big and bold and really makes a statement.

In the next post, we’ll look at clocks from the other side of the coin with a look at the way my other friend has used clocks in her traditionally decorated home.

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