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Wonder Woman’s Gold Tiara, for Your Watch

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LONDON — Shoes were the focus when Alison Mary Ching Yeung established her business, called Mary Ching, in Hong Kong and Shanghai in 2007.

Then last fall the designer, now based here, started thinking about charms, the kind of whimsical items that adorn many cellphones and handbags. Why not watches?

She now has two collections of charms that clip or slide onto watch bands. They are made in 18-karat gold and precious stones, with prices from £750 to £11,600 ($985 to $15,230), that she sells online or through Frost of London, the British jewelry and watch retailer.

Mary Ching’s seraphim wings, in rose gold and pink diamonds.Credit

The Treasured Amulet collection reflects Ms. Yeung’s tongue-in-cheek style: Marilyn, for example, has the lips of the screen siren in enamel, gold or pavé diamonds, each one topped with a mole, actually a tiny diamond, that only the wearer can see easily. The design of the gem-studded gold Wonder Woman tiara was conceived “purely by chance,” Ms. Yeung said, before the highly successful film with Gal Gadot came out this summer.

There also are Prince Charming frogs, seraphim wings and a customizable option that allows buyers to specify any text, including initials, horoscopes and names — from “Dina to ooh là là,” Ms. Yeung said. Delivery is within 30 days.

The band that is the basic design of the second line, Felicity, now comes in nearly 50 combinations of metals and gems. The style has proved to be popular, especially with men. “I wasn’t expecting that at all,” Ms. Yeung said.

Not that jewelry for watches has been an easy sell.

“People still don’t get it,” Ms. Yeung said, adding that she is often asked if she also sells watches. “It’s different to earrings or rings where there is a sense of value. This is totally opulent and for the person who has everything.”

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